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For details on available rentals, please review the vacancy list below.

Application Requirements


Incomplete applications will not be processed. If you have not viewed the property in person or via a virtual tour your application will not be processed until you do so. If you are in the military, you must include a copy of your current orders and LES with your application. If you are self-employed, you must include a copy of your two most recent Federal tax returns Page 1 and 2 only. A copy of your drivers license, valid state id or passport are required. To speed verification of your income, you may wish to submit copies of your most recent pay stubs or documents that confirm any other income listed on your application, such as rental property income, retirement pay, child support, etc. An on-line application fee of $40 per applicant must be paid and is non-refundable. Each individual over the age of 18 who is to reside in the property must apply on-line. 


When you submit application for a rental property, you are free to specify any move-in date,and term you desire. Each application will be evaluated in the following manner:

We will determine if the information provided on your application meets our rental criteria as outlined herein. If not, we will decline the application. We will check your credit report and/or verify employment and rental history. If any of these verification efforts do not confirm that you meet our criteria, we will decline your application. The entire approval process will normally takes about 3-5 business days, but it may take longer depending on how quickly we are able to verify the information you have provided. Please note that all applicants in one group are looked at as a whole. Should one of the applicants not meet the credit requirements then the groups application will be declined. If your application is declined, you will be notified in writing via email and will be provided with a list of the reason(s) that your application was declined. If your application is declined, you may request that your application be reconsidered with additional consideration, such as a higher security deposit. The property will remain on the market until an approved applicant has signed the lease AND paid the required move in funds. Once approved, an applicant has 48 hours to complete these steps – failure to do so may result in other applications being considered and the property may be leased to another applicant. You will be required to pay your first month’s rent and security deposit on-line through your portal at the time when you sign your lease. If the lease begins on a date other than the 1st of the month, one full months rent plus the security deposit will be collected at signing and the prorated rent for the move in month will be collect on the second month.


A copy of the rental agreement and any applicable addendum(s) (as required) are available for review prior to application upon request. The rental agreement may include an additional addendum relevant to the specific property with special instructions for equipment operation, maintenance, or care of that property. This information should be reviewed prior to submitting application as it will be a mandatory portion of the lease. Payment of application fee is required prior to processing.


Income and Employment History

• Gross monthly income must be at least 3 times the monthly rent and total monthly debt payments PLUS rent amount must not exceed 45% of gross monthly income.

• You must have a minimum of two years with your current employer at substantially the same income you now earn, or a minimum of three years in the same field with substantially the same income level and no more than two employers within the past three years.

• If you are self-employed or receive more than 25% of your income in the form of commission, you must have earned substantially the same income for the past three years, you may be required to submit a certified copy of your tax return for the past three years, 4 months bank statements and only the gross income which was indicated on your tax return may be used for qualifying.

• If you are currently a member of the military, you may not sign a lease for a term longer than your current enlistment term or the length of time remaining at your current duty station.

• If you fail to meet the minimum employment requirements because you were a full time student during the year preceding your application, we may require a guarantor. However, this requirement may be waived if you have a master’s degree or higher or hold a professional designation such as CPA and have permanent full-time employment in your field of training at the time of application.

• If you are unemployed, you must provide a proof of sufficient income to qualify for the rental property, and we may have reasonable certainty that such income is likely to continue for the entire lease term.


• You must have a minimum of two years of rental or mortgage history within the five years immediately preceding your rental application.

• Your proposed rent must be no more than 35% greater than your prior rent.

• Your credit report must contain no derogatory rental information and you must not have a judgment or collection account from a former landlord within the preceding five years whether paid or unpaid.

• You must not have had more than one late rent payment in the past two years and no rent payment may have been more than five days late.

• You must have met all of the terms of your prior lease, must have given proper notice to vacate in accordance with the terms of your lease, and must not have had any unauthorized pets or occupants in the property.

• You must not have had deductions from your security deposit for damages of more than 25% of the total amount of your deposit.


• You must have an active checking account.

• A credit report will be obtained for each applicant from Retail Merchants/Equifax, or similar credit reporting agency.

• You must have at least two accounts which appear on your credit report which have been open for at least two years and which have been paid on time.

• You must not have any unpaid judgments and/or collection accounts, and you must not have had more than two paid judgments or collection accounts within the preceding 24 months . Special consideration may be granted at Agent/Owners sole discretion for small medical judgments or payments on student loans, if in our opinion there are enough favorable credit references to outweigh these.

• You may not have had more than two late payments (greater than 30 days past due) on any installment loan or credit card within the past year.

All fees, rent, and deposits paid prior to lease begin date must be in certified funds or via the on-line portal and are due with in 24 hours of signing the rental agreement. An on-line application fee of $40 per applicant must be paid separately from the Security Deposit and is non-refundable. Each individual over the age of 18 who is to reside in the property must apply on-line. All cashiers checks should be made payable to Holly Kovich & Associates. CASH WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AT ANYTIME FOR AN REASON.

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